Procurement Engineering support

UOGEI supports global companies in procuring their capital machinery & equipment and production parts/assemblies through a team of engineers with global sourcing experience. This team is enabled through a cross-functional team of experts in machinery & equipment, factory design & engineering, industrial automation, and digitalization.

Procurement is another area where our experience and know-how can add value to your project. Our solutions are designed to assist those companies with limited resources or experience, defining the minimum requirements to meet the project’s requirements.

Our specialists can assist you in choosing suppliers, selecting and supplying equipment | systems and activating | monitoring supplies, providing expert assistance during the installation, commissioning and start-up of the plant.

Also we are providing installation and commissioning, and also handle their maintenance.

Our procurement team with engineering experience enables us to

  • reduce procurement turnaround time
  • protect client IPs through engineering breakdown of systems
  • leverage technologies to deliver enhanced business outcomes
  • support our clients in the enhancement and upgrade of their capital machinery & equipment
  • do product localization and re-engineering